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My name is John Lockwood and, as you will see from the brief biography and case study sections of the site, I have a wide and extensive commercial background across a range of business sectors.

I decided to put together what has become jlprojects as a direct result of my past experience in which I had witnessed how much of what passes for management consultancy and project management simply results in businesses being "told what to do" by an individual or organisation who does not then get engaged with the process of actually bringing the required changes about.  There is, in short, no buy-in from those purporting to know what your business needs.

jlprojects offers an adaptive, collaborative and engaged approach to solving problems.

Fundamental to what I do, in whatever sphere, is to be involved in the delivery of the solution/result/end product.  What I don't do is simply tell you what you should be doing and then walk away without helping you get the outcome you require.  How we do that and what you need from me is entirely in your control and will form a key part of our discussions from the outset.

My background is essentially commercial and financial across a range of business sectors (which includes media, healthcare, IT, outsourcing, family trusts and wine importing!).  

Although I have generally operated at director and senior management level, I have no issues with a "jackets off" approach as and when necessary. 

I have been involved in everything from:

  • business planning and assessing a business case;
  • start-ups;
  • developing businesses through organic growth or via merger and acquisition;
  • preparing businesses for flotation and seeing that process through to completion - liaising with advisors, investors and regulators, etc;
  • running finance departments with all the attendant management, accounting, budgetary control, HR and financial reporting required;
  • directorships and company secretarial work in public and private companies;
  • worked in both the private and public sector.

It is this experience which provides the breadth of understanding which is relevant and applicable to your situation and requirements.

I'm interested in businesses and how they work - that includes how they are organised and how they define their aims and objectives. I find it fascinating - there are so many good (and so many less good!) ways of doing things out there that we can all always learn more and find new, effective and efficient solutions to the challenges of the modern, commercial world.

There is an old adage that you should work on your business, not just in it. it might be a bit of a cliche but it is still very, very true. Whatever the size or complexity of your business, wherever it is in the business cycle, you do need to stand back and look critically at what you do and the way you go about it. It helps to have some interested objectivity.

I can help with that.

Why not give me a call or send me an email to see how I can help. It will be absolutely confidential and without obligation.